The Technology of Participation is a constellation of life understandings and methods that value inclusive participation and profound respect in a wide variety of settings and applications.

ToP methods emerged from the tradition and practices of personal and group empowerment of the Institute of Cultural Affairs. ToP methods are based on a philosophy of disciplined thinking, continual affirmation, inclusive responsibility, and a vocation of service. ToP practice is embodied through disciplined methods that are applicable to all fields, lifestyles and cultures that value comprehensiveness, consciousness, care, and courage .

ToP methods enable personal and group transformation through facilitation, planning, development, education, consulting, leadership and training. ToP is known world-wide for its life-enhancing impact in thousands of communities and organizations on every continent.

The promise of the ToP Brand

ToP honours the ideas and diversity of every individual. ToP promises an experience of affirmation, of inclusion and of profound respect. At the same time ToP is visually stimulating, socially interactive and personally creative. It impacts people’s hearts and minds and moves each forward toward implementation of decisions. ToP supports four simultaneous personal and group journeys: rational understanding, experiential awareness, practical competence, and impact responsibility.

ToP facilitation is a transformative process that supports the wisdom of a whole group, developing it into common directions and intentions through practices and methods that are diverse, exciting and lead to action.

ToP facilitation training is challenging and supportive of personal transformation. It sets high expectations of facilitator trainees but provides them with processes, methods and practical advice that enables them to take risks as they continue their own development as facilitators.

ToP facilitation training demonstrates ToP facilitation methods and spirit. Both facilitation and training are infused with ToP values and philosophy. ToP spirit is as active in the training as it is in facilitation and can be a life changing experience .

Facilitation and facilitation training participants can expect an effective use of time and space, an environment that is safe and highly engaging, with a well-orchestrated process that leads to results and actionable outcomes. They will be amazed at the care with which sessions are being conducted.